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Camp Grace Update
Camp Grace

In 2009, ByJimeny Woodworking began a service project to build bunk beds for Camp Grace in Roberta, GA, a camp for inner city kids, about 90 minutes south of Atlanta.  At that time, the camp was being built and in need of 40 bunk beds.  Not a huge problem, but they needed them in 7 weeks!  With much volunteer help, our wood shop started producing the 40 beds in time for camp that summer. gracepix

In January 2013, Camp Grace began to triple the number of sleeping quarters and again, they needed beds.  Throughout the winter of 2012-2013, volunteers working at ByJimeny Woodworks and the Perry Davis shop built 60 more bunk beds, enough to now sleep 200 campers each week.  We want to thank all the volunteer workers for their help and support.  Below you will see some photos of the bed construction.  For more info on the camp and how to sponsor campers for the summer, go to

Chuck Garske

Don Gibault



Bill Weathers

Mike Cohen



Tim Lemmon



George Deuel

Chuck Catledge

Dete Waehner

Randy White+Terry Spainhour

20 beds

Mary, Don, and JoAnn

Finished Bed

Phone: 770-993-9500