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Machine Joinery

Machine Joinery - Using Table Saws, Router Tables.

4 sessions    Total: 8 hours    Class limit: 2   Cost: $250

Students will learn how to make fundamental joints using the table saw and the router/router table and yes, some by hand.  During the class, students may build using the router table.  Boxes, benches, and other small projects may be completed as part of this class as options based on student input.  Use will be made of the Incra jig.  Adaptations to allow the Incra to be used as a router table fence may also be built.  Various jigs will be demonstrated.  Information will be provided for the student to make his or her own jigs.  Proper safety precautions will be thoroughly covered.  This is a foundations class aimed at making you a fine furniture maker.

Phone: 770-993-9500