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Routercraft Hands-On

RouterCraft Hands-On - Using the Router Table and more!

Total: 4 hours    Class limit: 4   Cost: $70 (wood is included)
For information on the RouterCraft series, click here and for schedule, click here .

RouterCraft III ClassThis is a totally hands on class.  The project is to build a small classy box, actually two boxes will be built.  The size of the box belies the many techniques the student will learn during this class, including proper joinery including glue up, the mock dovetail, secrets of box construction, and even finishing! Bonus: the explanation and use of the Magic Rabbit™. We will use the table saw, band saw, and sander, in addition to the router table.  Two router tables, with routers and bits, will be provided as well as all other power tools. Your instructor will provide common items such as glue, sandpaper, and finish and now even the wood!

Students Must Bring:

  • Personal safety equipment – Routercraft III requires hearing, dust, and eye protection.
  • 4 clamps  - 2 large spring clamps (preferred) and 2 small F clamps (opening = 6 inches) or 4 small F clamps 6 inch opening.
  • Small tools – a 6” ruler, a small square or combination square, pencil, etc.

Phone: 770-993-9500